Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tailing log files over SSH in Windows

My problem: I wanted to be able to track logs on Unix machines using BareTail or something similar.
Until now the only solution was to use putty and log console output into a local file, then open it with BareTail.
Disadvantages: for each log file had to open another putty.

Dokan SSHFS (SSH File System)
It's a file system mapping application that allows a remote file system map to a Windows local drive.
After I installed the one I could open all 6 log files with baretail as if it was on a
local drive (N).

Installation Steps:
1. Install the NET 2.0 Runtime;
2. Install the Visual C++ 2005 Runtime;
3. Install the Dokan library 0.6
4. Install the Dokan sshfs 0.2;
5. Download the Dohan sshfs 0.6;
6. From 0.6 zip copy DokanSSHFS.exe and DokanNet.dll over the files installed by the 0.2 installer. This is because there is no yet an installer for the 0.6 version;
7. Run DokanSSHFS.exe then choose the remote path, username and password, and choose the letter for windows drive to be assigned;
8. In the options tab to check the cache disable;
9. Click on CONNECT

From this moment you have a new drive in Windows where you can work normally with explorer, BareTail, etc. plus an icon in the Windows taskbar that allows mount/unmount on-the-fly
I hope you will find this useful.

There is an excellent log viewer called LogExpert that can directly use tailing over sftp on *nix servers. In my opinion this is the most complete log viewer at least for Windows: highliting, regular expression filtering in a separate panel, columnizers and a lot of other useful stuff. Try it with confidence.

Good luck!



  1. thanks for this post, take a look at this - WinSCP for windows

  2. You're welcome. In fact I tried with WinSCP but I could not obtain what I needed: the possibility to have an auto-refreshed multi-file viewer of the remote files without downloading them each time.