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Friday, October 14, 2016

How to install docker on centos 6 - quick and dirty

Installing docker 1.12 on centos 6.8

While doing consultancy work at one big telecom company, I proposed introducing Docker in the process of automating and autoscaling parts of the software infrastructure, especially on the the java development chain and runtime deployment sides. They were enthusiastic about this so I got the task of making it happen. Just that at the time I did not know their infrastructure (all Centos 6.8) did not support docker...

Who got here must be quite desperate, as I got for a while after taking this task.
Lots of research and trial got me to put together the following instructions that made it work.

This is an unpolished, quick hand log of what I had to do in order to make docker successfully run on this OS version.

WARNING: Be sure of your deep linux understanding and knowledge before trying this into production systems!

Hopefully it shall help. I'll come back to this post time allowing, to better arrange, document and cleanup.